Monday, March 17, 2008

OST and Luckenbach.

I had a new part I had to put on the bike, and needed a ride to break it in. It took almost two years to get the paperwork processed, and was darn sure not going to delay as long in mounting it.

I met Tom, Carol, and her father at the OST.

After french toast, I planned a route to Luckenbach, tacking advantage of back and dirt roads whenever possible.

It soon began to cloud up, soon leaving only a small patch of blue sky.

I think someone hit a Chupacabra in the road.

Nice rock work:

This place had the most interesting guest houses:

Luckenbach had some great eye-candy.

And some car-candy too:

Home, sweet home:

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Nicole said...

What a fun trip!! I must say that it made me a little nervous to think of you driving your motorcycle while snapping shots on your camera! Be careful, Evel Knievel!