Friday, November 25, 2011

A little cruise in the Caribbean. Day 4.

We were due for a midmorning docking at St. Thomas. We all had breakfast delivered and enjoyed it on the shared balcony.

Some got into the "Movie Star" aspect of cruising more than others.
We picked up a couple of escorts.

Land Ho!
Or not...
We finally docked and headed for our sail/snorkel excursion.
Someone is a fan of modern architecture.
At long last, snorkels on!

We said hello to Mr. Turtle.

He said, "Dudes, Mr. Turtle is my father."
A beautiful thunderhead framed the Oasis on our return.
Victor made a rose from a napkin for June.
"S'up dawg?"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A little cruise in the Caribbean. Day 3.

The first group event of day 3 was the Trivia Contest in the Schooner Lounge. Seen here is Tom warming up his brain for the first question.
In the background, you can see Bruce collecting our fantastic prizes for winning. (The first set of prizes was Royal Caribbean pens, and we hoped they got better as the trip went on--they did.)
In the foreground is some private joke being shared by June, Chip, and a guy from another team.
A group of us met at the Globe and Atlas Pub for a drink before dinner. Amy was thrilled to find one of her favorite ales, Boddingtons (in the yellow can).
We stopped by the carousel and the ladies took a spin.

Later in the evening a small group commandeered a flip chart and easel in the library for an impromptu game of Pictionary. The patrons who came in looking for a quiet place to read were seriously disappointed.

The game was women against men, with categories of places, famous people, books, and movies. I was the first drawer, and the women gave me "Casablanca." Before I even put pen to paper, Tom shouted out "Casablanca!" The women cried foul, but he said, "It's the only movie I know!"

They allowed it.

Below is the first page of our drawings, with the answers provided. Some of the clues were a bit ... cryptic. Click on the picture to embiggen, and show the whole page.
When Amy and I returned to our stateroom, we were greeted by a "gangsta bunny."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A little cruise in the Caribbean. Day 2.

Sunrise found us pulling into port at Nassau, Bahamas.

Amy, getting her beach fix for the day. Unfortunately, a red flag warning meant no swimming.

We viewed the Atlantis Resort from the outside. (Then we snuck in).

I love the architecture of this building. The Mother of Pearl "minarets" just floored me.

Pulling out of the Bahamas meant more 20+ foot seas. Nausea continued for many crew and passengers.

Poppy looked natty for formal nite. When asked about his footwear choice, he said, "Hey, celebrities and athletes do it!"

The swan princess paid us a visit while we were at dinner.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A little cruise in the Caribbean. Day 1.

Amy and I waited for the shuttle to the port, with all our luggage (1 carry-on each).

On the way to the port we saw "Occupy Ft. Lauderdale" protesters.

On the ship, Bruce and Silvia, Matt and Cat, and Amy and I took a self portrait on the Royal Promenade deck. Note the photo-bomber in the background.

A little later we played miniature golf and ping pong with Dawn, Al, Chip, and Diane.

Central Park deck. This was Bruce's standard pose throughout most of the trip, taking fantastic photos.

Central Park from above.

The lovely Amy and our lovely stateroom.

A small preview of the rough water--this is the pilot ship prior to coming alongside:

Dressed for dinner.
Dinner with the family, sadly minus Mike and Chris.
Poppy and Simona, our fantastic Romanian waiter.
50 knot winds the first night. Long-time crew members said it was the roughest ride since the ship was brought across the North Atlantic.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A little cruise in the Caribbean. Day 0

The Reedy clan decided to have a little get-together with the founding and first-generation members of the family. We booked passage on a little cruise ship, and headed to the rendezvous and departure point in Ft. Lauderdale.

Amy and I met up with Matt and Cat for happy hour at the Pelican Grand Resort.

Whilst sipping our libations, we heard a strange buzzing noise, and spotted a little dot through the trees.

Does anyone really buy their tires because of this thing? It's cool and all, but really?

The first evening's was but a preview of the beautiful sunsets to come...

To be continued.