Saturday, December 30, 2006

2nd Port: Roatan, Honduras.

The next morning we docked in Roatan, Honduras. Amy and I were looking forward to this for two reasons. We had never been to Honduras, although it's located fairly close to another favorite of ours, Costa Rica. Also, our friends Monica and Tom (who were also our cruise consultants for this trip) raved about the snorkeling at Tabyana beach. The views as we were docking did not disappoint.

Jesus, Maria, Amy and I found a taxi driver to take us to Tabyana and stay with us all day. In his usual manner, Jesus quickly made friends with the taxi dispatcher and saved us all a chunk of change on the fare. The driver stopped at an overlook as we climbed over to West End beach.

Jesus made yet another friend, this time a green local.

The beach, water, and reef at Tabyana were beautiful. When Amy and I snorkeled out, the first thing we spied was a two foot barracuda. He gave us the eye, then flicked his tail and was gone.

Amy enjoyed just floating in the water, soaking up the beauty.

We ran into an angel on the nearby dock.

(He was actually a crewman on our ship, we saw him at the buffet the next day.)

A perfect end to a perfect day.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

First Cruise Port, Costa Maya/Mahahual

The next morning we approached the dock at Costa Maya.

The Grand Princess and the Great Princess.

This ship has enough radar and radio equipment to fry an egg at 100 kilometers.

The Mexican army provide air support for our beach foray.
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At sea, and a formal Cruise dinner.

After a wonderful breakfast on our balcony, we relaxed all day until it was time for the formal dinner.


After a very nice turndown service, we got dressed for dinner. Amy put on her "Vegas dress."

The thirteen foot seas had the women in high heels staggering all over the passageways.
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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Grand Princess from Galveston to the Caribbean

It was time for the "All about Amy spoiling vacation," since I'd had two all-guy motorcycle trips this year. I booked the Caribbean cruise on the appropriate cruise line (Princess).

We drove from San Antonio to Galveston Friday night, and spent the night at the La Quinta. The room was extraordinarily long.

I said to Amy, "You could play Frisbee in here!" She tested my theory, barely missing me (and the camera).

After an extremely long line at the check-in station (no pictures allowed, purportely due to security concerns, but I think it's to avoid off-putting potential cruisers), we boarded and found our cabin.

The cabin layout and furnishings were extremly nice. The young lady was the best addition.

At the cast-off party, we shared a bucket of beer with our new friends Jesus and Maria Magdalena. You might notice from our clothing that it was a little chilly. Our voyage to the sunny Caribbean was off to a cold and bumpy start.