Saturday, December 30, 2006

2nd Port: Roatan, Honduras.

The next morning we docked in Roatan, Honduras. Amy and I were looking forward to this for two reasons. We had never been to Honduras, although it's located fairly close to another favorite of ours, Costa Rica. Also, our friends Monica and Tom (who were also our cruise consultants for this trip) raved about the snorkeling at Tabyana beach. The views as we were docking did not disappoint.

Jesus, Maria, Amy and I found a taxi driver to take us to Tabyana and stay with us all day. In his usual manner, Jesus quickly made friends with the taxi dispatcher and saved us all a chunk of change on the fare. The driver stopped at an overlook as we climbed over to West End beach.

Jesus made yet another friend, this time a green local.

The beach, water, and reef at Tabyana were beautiful. When Amy and I snorkeled out, the first thing we spied was a two foot barracuda. He gave us the eye, then flicked his tail and was gone.

Amy enjoyed just floating in the water, soaking up the beauty.

We ran into an angel on the nearby dock.

(He was actually a crewman on our ship, we saw him at the buffet the next day.)

A perfect end to a perfect day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy /Tim remember us from Toronto,Ontario, gread picture, love to read it too, and beautiful Lama, Me and my husband going to next cruise to South Caribbean with Royal Caribbean ( Freedom of The Sea) in May 6/2007.I hope to see you there hehehe. Kirana

Tim said...

Kirana! Yes, we remember y'all, and enjoyed meeting you! I have a photo of all of us at tea that I plan to post when I get to that day of the cruise. Enjoy your cruise in May!

If y'all are ever in the San Antonio Texas area, drop me a comment here and we'll be glad to introduce you to the llamas personally!

-Tim & Amy