Monday, October 23, 2006

The end of the trip...

Reluctantly, we left Bryce Canyon and wound our way back up to Salt Lake City.

The next day at 130pm, Don's bike was finally ready. The broken throttle bodies were replaced. Don kept the old ones as souvenirs.

See that little brass fitting in the middle? It's supposed to be a tight fit in that hole.

We departed SLC and headed back to Texas, due home the following evening.

A highway underpass had several inches of mud.

We stopped at a Best Western in Gallup for a few hours sleep. Five hours here was not nearly enough.

The morning was gray and damp...

Finally, we were near the splitting-off point, Ozona Texas.

The GPS tells the story, a couple hundred more miles to go, and already almost 1500 miles in 20 hours...

The whole trip. 6300 miles in 15 days. Three mechanical snafus. No wrecks. Tremendous sights.