Monday, November 14, 2011

A little cruise in the Caribbean. Day 1.

Amy and I waited for the shuttle to the port, with all our luggage (1 carry-on each).

On the way to the port we saw "Occupy Ft. Lauderdale" protesters.

On the ship, Bruce and Silvia, Matt and Cat, and Amy and I took a self portrait on the Royal Promenade deck. Note the photo-bomber in the background.

A little later we played miniature golf and ping pong with Dawn, Al, Chip, and Diane.

Central Park deck. This was Bruce's standard pose throughout most of the trip, taking fantastic photos.

Central Park from above.

The lovely Amy and our lovely stateroom.

A small preview of the rough water--this is the pilot ship prior to coming alongside:

Dressed for dinner.
Dinner with the family, sadly minus Mike and Chris.
Poppy and Simona, our fantastic Romanian waiter.
50 knot winds the first night. Long-time crew members said it was the roughest ride since the ship was brought across the North Atlantic.


Anonymous said...

I can see the lovely Amy now, enjoying that first morning beverage (a Mimosa?) out on the lovely veranda! Enjoy.


Tim said...

Yes, it was lovely. :-)