Friday, December 02, 2011

A little cruise in the Caribbean. Day 5.

(Click on each picture to see the full view. They are very large, and most of them are truncated on the right side.)

As we disembarked in St. Maarten, the avoirdupois of the Oasis was evident when berthed next to the other, slimmer ships.

After a bit of shopping, we stopped by a little beachside bar for snacks and drinks.
The bar had coconut feeders up, and they were doing a steady business with these little yellow and black jobbies.

Beautiful sign in downtown.
Amy found a beautiful shell on a pristine beach.
This side of the pier was deserted. However, the other side......
Was wall-to-wall people. This photo was taken standing in the same spot as the above photo, just turned 180 degrees.
Natural beauty in St. Maarten.
Dessert on the ship that night was a masterpiece. Several Reedys had two or three of these.
And awaiting us in our cabin that night was a ray with heterochromia.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I couldn't agree more about the "natural beauty"!