Sunday, July 05, 2009


Upon check-in at our Fairbanks hotel, we formed the "Cool guys with Tilly Hats club." We inducted Bruce, our newest member (on left). He brought up the level of class considerably.

These two gentlemen rolled in on this cold wet evening. They were on their way to Prudhoe bay, over five hundred miles of gravel roads. In the rain. And cold. They are tough guys.

I wandered over to the river, and caught a glimpse of the famous local beaver.

The Fairbanks ice carving museum was next on the agenda. It was a bit chilly. The thermometer is reading 17 degrees.
Then a fine Italian dinner, accompanied by some local beer.
We wanted to walk to a local park, but a friendly native offered us a rider. All seven of us. In her Toyota truck. While we mashed ourselves in, someone asked her if she was comfortable giving a ride to seven strangers. She said, "Sure, I have a gun," and smiled. Then she took a roundabout way because she didn't like the stoplights in downtown. Halfway through, Bruce said, "Uhhh, can we open a window? I'm a little clausterphobic." =:-O

Here is our our savior.

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