Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day Ride 2009

Okay, enough annoying animated Gifs.

Lee and Tom and did our third annual New Year's day ride, this time it was a bit dirty.

The Route. About 25 miles or so was dirt. There were several water crossings too.

The fearsome threesome. Note Tom's ST1100, looking a little "street-bikish" between the GS's. Tom has the mad riding skilz though, and rode everything gracefully, even the rutted uphills.

Little Joshua Creek, and short unpaved bit to get us started.

Since the cafe in Utopia stopped serving breakfast at 1100, we went to the Old Spanish Trail in Bandera. A nice older gent had to scrunch in with us to make room for another party, so we included him in the conversation. His two sons ride/rode bikes, and he's an old horseman, so he fit right in.


The John Wayne room at the OST.

Dust patterns on Tom's ST. tank.

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