Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Big Apple

(Several of the photos in the post are not displaying correctly. Click on them to view full size and see the entire shot.)

Driving into the city on Friday afternoon, the colors seemed a little off.

Ahhh! Spiderman has us in his web!
Amy found something she liked at the M&M store.

There was a life-sized T-Rex wandering in one of the stores...
Marvelous pizza at Lombardi's!
The Beaver Building. Not really. I don't know what building this was.
I love the zoom on my camera.

Despite temperatures in the 30-40's, there were a few bikers about.
Are we not the most stylish brothers you have ever seen?
No comment.
There were two girls joined at the hip standing a few feet over from this sign. Not really.

Classic motor.
Rockefeller Center.

Skateboarding Santas in Times Square.

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