Monday, December 29, 2008

Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day. Oh, it had its good points: Seeing the family at the ranch, having lunch together. The bad part was later.

A couple of hours after lunch, Dawn and Al went down to check on the very pregnant goats, and perhaps make a prediction on who would deliver first.

They called the house a little while later. One of the nannies wasn't at the barn, so they went looking for her. They found her lying under some trees, and not doing too well.

She had apparently aborted, and her uterus was prolapsed, i.e. protruding outside her body.

We called the vet, and he told us what we could try to do to help her, but warned that it was very difficult and unlikely to work. Al also was not optimistic. He had seen a cow with a prolapsed uterus die, and it was long and painful.

After a long discussion, we decided that it was best to put her out of her suffering.

I was the one who had to do it, and while it was a good thing to relieve an animal's suffering, it was still a bad day.


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Tim said...

Thank you Regan. :-)

Nicole said...

That is so sad! At least she isn't suffering any longer! I know that wasn't easy. I hope tomorrow is better! Happy New Year!!!!