Wednesday, June 25, 2008

@!%#&* Stingers!

I guess I've been stung back into action after a long hiatus from posting.

I rode the motorcyle to work today, and upon my return home this evening I had a little surprise.

I walked into the house wearing my Aerostich riding suit, put my helmet on the table and began to take off the 'stich.

Step 1: Unzip the jacket.
Step 2: Reach down with left hand and zip up (open) the zipper from right ankle to right thigh.
Step 3: Reach down with right hand, start to zip up from left ankle, wonder what puffy/leafy thing is that's on zipper tab as I'm pulling it up, then wonder no more as the scorpion I'm squeezing lets me have it with his stinger on my right index finger.

Zounds! Drop the scorpion, dance around and swear for a few moments while debating whether to squash the thing, and instead grab a glass to put over the beastie for later release into the wild.

Son of a gun--a sting by those things hurt! It's the first time I've ever been stung. The pain lasted for a good ten minutes, and eventually faded to a dull ache and some numbness.

I took the arachnid outside, gave him a stern talking to, then tossed him in the bushes. He'll stay out there if he knows what's good for him!

Anyway, continuation of Rome trip report to resume shortly.

Here's the culprit. Note the "Spawn of Satan" glowing eyes.

You can't tell from this picture, but he's a good 18 inches long. (Not really, only about 3.)

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Nicole said...

Poor Tim! I've heard those little boogers hurt! I would have killed the beast. I guess living in the wild makes you respect all living creatures.