Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rome trip day 2

It is one a.m. by my body clock, and I’m in an Italian church for Sunday Mass with Amy and Dorothy. It looks like some sort of confirmation ceremony is going to happen, with lots of young adolescents and their families milling around. Amy says she saw men as well as women doing the kiss-kiss greeting, but I choose not to believe her.
Most of the attendees are stylishly and conservatively dressed, except for a few who went over the edge with style. Example: One young woman was wearing white boots and black leather pants. Perhaps it is an attendance-boosting technique used in the church-rich Rome. There were also several black women in traditional African garb.

Trajan's Column.
Completed in the year 113, standing about 98 feet tall. According to Wikipedia: The shaft is made from a series of 20 colossal Carrara marble drums, each weighing about 40 tons, with a diameter of about 4 meters (13 ft). The 190 meter (625 ft) frieze winds around the shaft 23 times.

Il Vittoriano, monument to the first king of a unified Italy, as well as Mussolini’s palace later.

"It is absolutely forbidden to have a bad behavior?"



Nicole said...

Great pics!!! I really want to go somewhere cool for vacation!

Bwian said...

To lead animals to smoke?