Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Sometimes, it is better to travel with hope than to arrive."

That was the fortune I got in my Chinese lunch on Tuesday.

We leave in 36 hours, and we have no roof over our heads waiting.

This reminds me of the motto of someone I much admire. Glen Heggstad is a guy who has ridden his motorcycle all over the world, and I do mean all over the world, From being kidnapped and held hostage by rebels in Columbia, to spending time with the Dayak, (former) headhunters in Borneo, he had ridden much of the planet.

"The adventure begins when things stop going as planned."

Since we don't really have anything planned, I guess the Adventure has already begun!


Nicole said...

Have fun, you two!!!
I can't wait to hear all the wonderful stories when you get back!!!

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage, you guys! Make some wonderful memories & yes, STORIES!

Love, Vicki and Richard

Tim said...

Well, 18 hours 'til departure, and we at least have a place to stay now! A nice little B&B on the Via Aurelia is expecting us!


Too much fun!