Sunday, January 27, 2008

More back in the day ...

I was perusing the dusty archives on my backup disk, and came across these jewels from a decade ago:

At the gateway to the park. Some people just can't be trusted to not climb on things.

A shot using the camera timer. Notice the poor attempt to mock a fellow biker.

After a strenuous hike from the Basin down to the "Window." We are mere inches from plunging a thousand feet to the desert floor.

Back in the days before 9/11/01, when you could take a boat across the Rio Grande, and then walk or ride a burro into Boquillas. The town seems to have all but disappeared these days. :-(

Sitting on the porch in Boquillas, basking in the relaxed feeling.

Tom's revenge for Lee's earlier mocking. Photo taken at the Pecos bridge overlook.

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Nicole said...

What a blast from the past! I wouldn't have known that those were old pics had you not said anything! You age well, my friend!