Saturday, December 29, 2007

Retirement ride

No, not me, not yet at least. My good friend Tom celebrated his entry into the leisure class today.

Lee and I took him on a nice circuitous ride to Wimberley for breakfast.

It was a bit brisk when I departed the house at 0820. The sun had risen.

The thermometer was not following the sun’s example.

Three miles later it was brisker still.

Lee and I met Tom at his house at 0900. Roadtrip the cat wouldn’t let Lee out his sight.

We took the back roads from Tom’s house, and hadn’t been rolling for more than ten minutes before this herd of deer tried to kill me.

Ahhh, the back roads of the Hill Country, nothing better.

Our leisurely ride to Wimberley turned out to be a little too leisurely to keep our breakfast plans. We missed breakfast by minutes, but lunch turned out to be a fine alternative… Veggie burger ala Cypress Creek CafĂ©.

We headed out to Luckenbach after lunch, and ran into a fellow ADV-er on his stealth GS.

Tom and Lee are both showing their age—they were looking longingly at this Gold Wing.

Anyway, it is nice to see someone now have all the time they want for riding.

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