Thursday, April 26, 2007

Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival.

Amy and Niko and I went to the Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie last weekend. It was the first time in costume for Amy and me. We had a great time!

Amy was a Wonderful Wench! (But I knew that before!) (ducks and runs)

The Queen's own Highland Regiment asked me to march with them. Of course I said "Aye!"

The falconry show was marvellous. Great birds; Great cause.

I asked Amy if we could hire a llama girl. You can imagine the answer.


Regan said...

Forget the girl... get the saddle!

Miss you guys.

Vicki said...

FUN! Maybe Rich and I will copy you and do that after graduation (MAY 10th OMG!)