Saturday, September 02, 2006

Day 5 – Don’s off-road practice, Red Lodge.

Dang Garmin and that “avoid unpaved roads” setting! We debated about doing a long day and doing a 300-400 mile day through Bighorn Canyon and Lovell, but decided against it since we needed to take Amy to the airport by 630 the next day. Instead, we took some scenic back roads to Red Lodge. Just how scenic, we were soon to find out.

We turned off 212 towards the Cooney Reservoir and Fishtail. The roads were twisty, scenic, and paved … for a bit. The road turned into dirt without warning, and the GPS made no mention of that fact. Hmmmm. Don said, “Well, let’s push on—how far can this continue to be dirt?” Good question, and the answer was, “Quite a while.” Don and his RT were not too comfortable, especially when the dirt got loose and rocky. As he worked on his dirt skills, we saw an eagle next to the reservoir.

By the end of the off-road training section, (about 17 miles and one hour), Don was an old hand and buzzing right along.

Very out of the way church…

Leaning tower of … Fishtail?

House up on jacks, getting the oil changed, and transmission checked.

THE satellite TV hub of Red Lodge, MT.

Is this better than child labor?

Look! Another Eagle!

Later that day I checked the GPS defaults, and "Avoid unpaved roads" is NOT a default setting. Silly me. Anyway, those offroad skills were to come in handy for Don later...

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Regan said...

Bet the traffic monitor on the Garmin was accurate, though. ;)