Wednesday, November 09, 2005

American English--Australasian Translations

American English – Australasian Translations

Yield = Give Way
Parking Lot = Car Park
DUI = Drink Driving (AU)
Body Shop = Smash Repair
Carpenter = Joiner
Diner = Brasserie (I perked up the first time I saw that, then looked closely at the spelling - Tim)
Rotary = Traffic Circles
Car Rentals = Car Hire
Sweat Pants = Track Suit Bottoms
Breakfast = Brekkie (AU) or Breaky (NZ)
Soccer = Footy (Football)
Cattle Guard (on the ground) = Cattle Stop
Cattle Guard (on a car) = Bull Bar
Napkin = Serviett
College/University = Uni
Journalist/Reporter = Journo
Salvation Army = Salvos
Cup of Tea = Cuppa
Counter-Clockwise = Anti-Clockwise
Layaway = Lay by
Rumble Strips = Judder Bars
Vehicle Inspection = WOF (Warranty of Fitness)
Thank you = Cheers
You’re Welcome = No worries

More philisophical ramblings to come ...

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