Friday, October 21, 2005


This is a seriously big city. 8 million people, all saying, "G'day." Much nicer than New Yorkers saying, "Fuggedaboudit."

Amy got to ride her favorite mode of transport - a subway

The view while crossing the ANZAC bridge

We almost saw a show here ... :-(

We did see a movie while in Sydney. John, can you guess which one?

The view of the Opera House from the base of the harbor bridge ...


John said...

You guys went all the way to Australia to see a MOVIE? Not only that, one that you saw in San Antonio BEFORE you left. Can you say "Duh!!"? Tim, did one of those kangas kick you in the melon? I'm sorry but you cannot come back to work, ever, because I am very disappointed in you. Well, a couple of questions on the movie, did the plot run clockwise like the flush does? Did the movie have subtitles?

Anonymous said...

OK, was it Serenity or Virgin?
Woooo! The opera house!! Wonderful!! Darn! Too bad that they did not have an opera going.

Well I guess the first will have to be in Il Teatro alla Niko.

I see they had prepared for your affival by pouring a special plinth for the Timba to stand upon to pose across the bay from the opera house.

Fabulous Bridge! My architectural heart went pitty pat! I see where
Boston got their idea for theirs.

So Amy is a Subway Sirene!