Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pix from Down Under Trip - the beginning

Amy about to be abducted by some spaceship in LA

I know just how this little girl felt!

The line for Qantas in LA was a shock!

Thanks to these three ... children in the row behind me staying up all night to watch movies and shout "Dude" at each other, I only got two hours sleep from LAX to Aukland.

This picture says it all: look at how far we've traveled, and we still have 3 and a half hours to go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I really enjoyed drinking coffee in Denton and listening to the stories of abroad. What happened to Oct 10, 2005. I assume it was spent with the 3 thugs behind you....on the plane. Have a great trip.

Love Greg.

Bonnie said...


Loved your account of the flight. Wonder what the "dudes" behind you wrote about you guys. I'm sharing the blog addy with Dad, he's curious to see what this part of the net is all about - oh, I think he has some brews ready for when you return.

Amy, (Dudess!) Inside the Actor's Studio is doing a 2-hour all new interview with Sir Elton on Sunday. I promise to watch even though I don't love him nearly as much as you do. It will be repeated to death so you'll get an invite to come over and see it on this new-fangled gadget called "television."

Should I send you a new pedometer?


Anonymous said...

Papatee? Papatee? Patatee?

Naw, you just hit the TSA Gestabo agents on a good day. Usually, their attitude is just marginally bellow Dixie's.

Yikes, I had forgotten the long lines for cattle class. With my upgrade days history, I won't be able to zip through the rapido line.

I love those screens that show the plane's position.

Big Gun of Borgo Pass