Wednesday, October 12, 2005


This is what 30+ hours travelling looks like. =:-O

It's kind of disconcerting when the trip display on a mulitmillion dollar plane keeps rebooting to DOS!

At Last, we have a place to lay our heads! Alas, we have to stay up for another 10 hours to get our clocks in sync! :-(

Someone hung out their drawers in welcome!

"Think his name is ....? What, did he tell you, but you had trouble understanding the pronunciation? (click on picture to read the text)


Anonymous said...

Hey, seeing the dog poster brought a question to mind... If water whirpools in the opposite direction down under; do dogs chase their tails in the opposite direction. Check it out :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pics. And I love the shot of the 3 amigos in the row behind you. As I read the story I wondered what the situation was like. You and Amy don't look any the worse for wear. Travel must agree with you guys. And the pic of Amy under the spaceship reminds me of the juxtaposed pic on Grandfather Mtn all those years ago.
---Guess Who!

Anonymous said...

Those are some mighty big drawers. Don't mess that that guy,...even worse if its female!

Anonymous said...

Dog Poster! Does that mean you are bring back another Dingo Dog? Dixie is still on the sofa, Jeepers is still eating Cyrano's food--but not all of it--and Cyrano has found a place on the deck he likes.
Are we taking with an Aussie accent yet?
Any Snape sightings?

JB said...

Do they have Firefly to view in the rooms? What about Serenity at the theaters? I wonder if they need susbtitles. ;^)

John said...

These aren't the kind of pictures we are expecting to see. I want to see kangaroos, wombats, koalas, and platypuses not some guys underpants and a missing dog sign! C'mon Tim I know you can do better than that!!!

No movie pictures (Serentiy) please...

Anonymous said...

Just thought you might like some news from the states. Bush is causing heavy rains and flooding in the northeast probably trying to get Kerry back for opposing him in the election. Other than that not much new here. Has Bush done anything else to make your trip difficult other than seat the loud movie watching republican operatives behind you?

Anonymous said...

Texas is Bigger than OZ and NZ!!!! And New Hampshire is wilder than all three!! Have Fun!!

S, A & E

Regan said...

When they use the phrase, "Put on your big girl panties," those are the actual panties they're talking about.

So the operative question is, how much restraint did it take to keep the two of you from going up to the cockpit to fix the trip display? ;)

Got my Blue Sun shirt last night.


DonQuixote said...

Just a short note to let you know you're blog is being observed.I'm glad you find time to post pictures during your trip. Helps us enjoy vicarious experiences.

Seeing the cars parked on the left side of the street in the Dog Found picture prompts me to make a suggestion: look BOTH ways before crossing the street.


Anonymous said...

Inset clever and as yet unsaid comment here... :p

~ R

Anonymous said...

What an awesome adventure!!! You two are going to have a BIG adjustment coming back to the realm of work, USAA, etc. Thanks for sharing....your pictures are wonderful!...Leslie