Thursday, September 01, 2005

What a stinker of a day...

Our septic field had been getting pretty moist and fragrant lately, so I finally called the guys to come pump out the tank. Unfortunately, no one knew the location of the mysterious tank, and it took three guys three hours to find it, buried three feet in the earth for no apparent reason. It took two guys with shovels and one guy with a tractor another hour to uncover the lid. After that, the twenty minutes it took to pump it out were anticlimactic.

There were only two inadvertant pipe punctures in the course of tracking its course. The second puncture was right at the junction above the tank, so we put in a cleanout to mark the location of the tank for future excavations.

The cleanup crew taking a break from filling in that gawdaful hole in the back yard.

- Tim

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What a great dog.