Monday, September 05, 2005

Scooter trash...

I've heard complaints from the peanut gallery about not showcasing the beautiful and talented folks that we go riding with. Complain no more!

First, my fine, fearless co-pilot, Amy.

Next, Joe "There was no pick!" P. Shaping our future one kid at a time.

And his high-flying partner in crime, Michelle A.

Tom, "you Americans--oops, I mean WE Americans are funny people." G.
and his partner Carol (plus a bonus shot of Amy)

And finally Lee, "mmmmm, Jelly!" G.
Motto: Get on bike - ride far - ride fast - nap - repeat.


Anonymous said...

Some of those are old pics. How many years and how many miles we been ridin' bro? I don't date back to the pre-high-school TR shot on the drum-braked dirtbike, but surely its been a long time.

Can any other hobby, lifestyle provide so many memories,... No way!

Tim said...

Lots of roads, lots of memories...