Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Home Sick

I have to say, that if one must be laid up with the crud, then this is the place to be. The backyard is a hotbed of wildlife activity. There are hordes of Scrub Jays fighting over the peanut feeder. Here's one of the cheeky buggers.
House Finches empty the giant Droll Yankee tube of black oil sunflower seeds every couple of days.

The occasional fox kindly lets us know that this is his territory, and we are only permitted here by his grace.

And of course nothing makes one feel better than the company of a fine cat.


Anonymous said...

That cat looks like he's slacking off, not taking care of his sick pet.

Regan said...

The cat's actually peeking through the crack between the back of the chair and the seat to check on Tim in the photo.

Oooh. Is fluffy wuffyness. Needs to be on Catster. ;)

Regan said...

UGH. How quickly does one get over said crud? <snuffle>