Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blue Ridge Parkway, May 2004

Here's a synopsis of the most recent bike trip we took, to the BRP in the Spring of 2004:

We camped in some beautiful spots; this is Linville Falls:

Of course, sleeping in the dirt means housecleaning (normally a girlchore, but since we're lifting our house over our head, I thought I'd do it.

We had to stop for occasional naps (in the nicest places).

Look! What I have MADE!

Why I'm the luckiest man alive...


tex929rr said...

You should put in more pics of your handsome riding pals. Amy looks pretty good in that dress.

Anonymous said...

More motorcycles too!

I remember that campfire. A little less than a cord of wood. I'm not sure how Tim started it, but his usual method from BRP-trips-past is to tilt his motorcycle over so some gas spills out onto the wood. Works every time.